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Course: COL
Name: Shane Ploenges

Through attending this course I have become more organised, more focused and more confident. I feel my public speaking confidence and skills have grown and I can better manage my time. The most important thing for me has been getting the opportunity to focus on my HPAs and through delegation get more done, not just from myself but my immediate colleagues. I achieved my workplace project with great success and have leaned how to use a broad range of helpful tools.

Course: COL
Name: Luke Errington

The course drove me to institute positive changes within the team that had long been desired, but never implemented. It also drove to take on greater leadership responsibility and experience that will benefit me in the future.

Course: COL
Name: Rohan Leighton

Better understanding of my role within the organisation through understanding of HPAs. I am now more likely to spend the appropriate level of time on tasks through identification of their real importance and value. More organised and structured approach to my day Good to have the opportunity to interact with people from other parts of the organisation and other companies to get an appreciation for alternative approaches Now that we’ve had a number of employees go through the LMA course, some of the language and techniques are becoming more commonplace within the organisation, so even those who haven’t been able to attend are benefiting.

Course: COL
Name: David Flower

This course has made me think in much broader terms about my role, which I think is an excellent outcome. It has made me more aware of a number of the vital elements of modern supervision, and has pushed me to implement changes to my team which would more than likely have not been made had I attended the course. The concepts are applicable to my job in an on-going basis and I look forward to observing the improved performance of our team as a result.

Course: HPM
Name: Carlie Strawbridge

Group discussions were extremely beneficial to me, drawing on others experience has assisted me to review my communication styles and increased my confidence in participating in group discussions. Savings through the identification of high pay off activities and the subsequent delegation of low pay off activities have totalled approximated $10,000 pa. I managed to successfully go through a difficult performance management issue with the assistance of my course coach who proved to be an invaluable resource during this time.

Course: HPM
Name: Matthew Nicholas

The course was amazing. It has transformed me into a better employee and leader. I have achieved great results for myself, team and organisation. I highly recommend it to any level of manager.

Course: HPM
Name: Geoff Harvey

Engaging with course participants from other industries and backgrounds lead me to the realisation that we all are faced with similar challenges and issues. During the course I completed and or contributed to number of important Win Win goals including the development of a Communications Plan, PM Scorecard, ISO9001 Accreditation, Reality Manager roll out, Resource Analysis improvements.

Course: HPM
Name: Lizmara Araque Restrepo

I did not know the power and effectiveness of setting up goals and continuously checking them and measure my improvements. I did learn a lot of leadership terminologies and got a lot of ideas and examples about how to deal with daily situations, positive and negative. I gained confidence and know how to empower myself and others. I liked and enjoyed each workshop very much, by the end of each workshop I would go out feeling positive and a very strong person. I am going to miss the workshops and my Facilitator.