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Course: TSE
Name: Peter Mays

Ross was a fantastic facilitator as he managed a group interaction process where we would bounce ideas and experiences of each other as well as Ross had a wealth of life experiences to draw from. I found one of the most profound modules was relating to the differences between Objections and Stalls. This has shed a completely new light on my interaction with prospects as I now look forward to them and working towards a resolution where as previously I would been defensive. I had a major goal resolved with the Tax Dept. that had a major impact on my finances in such a positive manner.

Course: TSE
Name: George Gashovski

I have personally enjoyed the program. It has given me enormous management and sales skills which I would never of been aware of. I have become competent in using computers, managing my time efficiently by using my diary and making calendar appointments. I have developed a sales speech and have successfully delivered that speech to prospects which have ended up in lucrative sales for Syndeticom. By learning to set goals not only was I able to set professional standards for myself I was also able to achieve personal goals such as the completion of my home renovations, going on a family trip etc.. Another enjoyable aspect to this course is the networking opportunities with the other class participants, I have developed close friendships with some of my colleagues.

Course: TSE
Name: Geoffrey Stuart Davidson

Easy. In 2011, we had one new customer. In 2012, we had 7! Yes, some of this was to do with the change in market, time to closure, but at least 60% was due to this course and the way that it changed me from not wanting to be a sales man, to wanting to!