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Course: TSE
Name: Jeffery Stewart

I went into the course with an open mind as I had never done sales before. It was very a little stressful the first couple of classes and weeks with FBOL, but once I relaxed it was quite easy. I started to learn my product well which fell into place nicely with what it was we were learning each fortnight. I also found that I was trying to spread myself thin on some of my HPC’s, so I discussed this with Michael and he suggested that I break it into groups. Focusing more time on a smaller group to achieve the goal on my Focus list. It was a brilliant idea doing this I achieved the goal of getting the account opened and/or doing business with the 1st 5. Then the next 5 and so on. I was also having an issue with spending time at a customers and not getting the order. The course has given me the confidence to ASK FOR THE ORDER, It has also shown me how to get the correct information out of the customer to provide the correct service.

Course: TSE
Name: Robert Weir

focus goals action steps to achieving goals time management and spending time on your HPAs the overall course was very good I got a lot out of it.

Course: TSE
Name: Sean Hardy

One of the modules we spoke about getting to know your customer and their needs. As well as the power of sales intelligence. With one of my focus customers I was only ever able to meet the purchasing officer in the reception. By networking with other customers that do work for these guys I was able to find a way to get a meeting with the production manager. Immediately we hit it off and they started to buy from us. We have a great relationship now and they have indicated they would like to swap out a lot of the competitions product to mine. It will take time but it will definitely pay off in the long run.