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Course: COL
Name: Lauren Tetlow

The classes at the LMA training room were very entertaining and rewarding, and the facilitator Deb Hann was fantastic. Really enjoyed the course and will definitely recommend it to other people.

Course: COL
Name: Scott McFarlane

I enjoyed the interaction with the other participants as we had a diverse group and it helped to be able look at the course content and assignments from another perspective. I was able to identify measurable results in time management which in turn led to ROI. I was a able to set and achieve several business and personal goals which had direct benefits to me and my team. I feel one of my biggest achievements was being able to utilize the goal planning tools as I had previously been like a lot of people in that I had goals and ideas in my head and felt that I set goals but never really put them into a structured written format and I can now competently do this as a result of the training and tools provided throughout the course.

Course: COLCM
Name: Donald Wright

Having completed the coarse a few years ago it was interesting to do it again I had forgotten how challenging it could be . one of the things that stood out was my time management or lack of it at the beginning of the coarse I have made a commitment to myself that I would start monitoring my time and using the hours in the day more productively this has had some big benefits for me. My communication has improved as I think more before I start to talk the course has made me more aware of my influence on the team so I am likely to stay above the line more than in the past.

Course: COLCM
Name: Kristen Sandford

Focus goals helped me to do the small things I needed doing.

Course: COLCM
Name: Allan Nicol

I Like the team theme and how to build a team-Giving feedback was one thing I have taken from the course it was a area I was not too strong in. Most of my caravan goals as the enjoyment level is high. Overall Clint and Joe were there to help me along

Course: COLCM
Name: Simon Hickmott

The course was a good exercise in applying skills in mentoring to my team.

Course: COLCM
Name: John Sutherland

It was satisfying to go through this again. The disappointing aspect was that it was word for word from the last time. The focus goals were a positive and so was the delegation module.

Course: COLCM
Name: Elaine Clark

I have learnt the most important lesson….. don’t look at the big picture (it can be very overwhelming …) take small steps and anything is possible…..the journey along the way is the most important thing in the end. Its what makes you thrive and keep you motivated and to stay positive that anything is achievable when it is done step by step and not just thrown at you all at once and scaring you off. I have improved my workplace knowledge through learning different systems along the way…. I have learnt how to drive my workplace loader ……. become more organised in my office (shared office) and have gotten my fellow T/Leaders to also follow suit. which has made things a lot easier and assessable when needed. I have also become more confiding in my team when it comes to learning certain areas of my workplace operations/ systems myself which has also motivated them to become more involved as well… especially workplace safety which is fantastic… when they know someone is listening they tend to talk more :)

Course: COLCM
Name: Karen Morgan

I enjoyed interacting with others from my organization. I also enjoyed using the tools in the manual. I enjoyed refreshing my memory in good leadership practices – we all get into bad habits and it was great to refocus.

Course: COLCM
Name: Desmond Beard

friendliness & talks within group during workshops, listen to other peoples ideas

Course: COLCM
Name: Alison James

Like use of the feedback log I initiated a team meeting with Team Leaders to discuss the daily issues. This has saved me time walking the site and has also been a bonding success for the Team Leaders as a group. I have been told that other shifts have now adopted the meetings and the Shift managers have found it beneficial

Course: COLCM
Name: Jason Peace

This is the second time I have completed the course as our whole organisation is completing it this time from a directional alignment perspective. I am in a different role this time around which changes my experience of the course which highlights the point that you adopt the tools and apply them to you personal position. Running the course through an organisation as we have gives peer support as we are on the journey together.

Course: COLCM
Name: Geoffrey Andrews

For me, the LMA course was a well developed. I needed to revise & apply what I had learnt in the course content, in order to lead & develop my Project Team.

Course: COLCM
Name: Aaron Storey

I think the thing I gained most benefit from is how to deal with different personalities and how to get the best out of them. We as a team are more focused and have better direction and drive when it comes to day to day tasks.

Course: TSE
Name: Wesley McTear

The course has given me some fantastic tools that I will be able to use moving forward. The HPA tool & goal setting was the biggest learning curve for me personally. Prior to this course, I never used a structured approach when setting goals personally & professionally. The ice beakers were great as well.