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Course: HPM
Name: Richard Javor

Throughout the years, I’ve attended several courses that were made me feel like we were being talked at, not collaborated with or the facilitator had not had any field experience. With LMA, not one of the above was true. Not only did we learn an immense amount, we were seen to think differently and it felt like our opinions and experience was valued within the course. I applaud LMA for formulating this type of training and if you come up with anything on a higher level (like a university accreditation) than the current course, please call me first to sign up!!!

Course: HPM
Name: Jarrod Mercer

Most enjoyable aspect was being able to filter down course learning and watch my managers get benefits from this course as well as myself and see them grow with more responsibility. Results were tangible cost savings, and streamlining and improving operations All goals set accomplished (or close to but still working on them)

Course: HPM
Name: Adam Gallagher

My ability to lead my team has developed tremendously over the course. I found the content to be especially helpful in helping to breakdown and challenge entrenched work habits and processes. The ability of my team to become more productive and now highly effective is a result of my attendance and the support of the LMA experience.

Course: TSE
Name: Billie J Kate Minogue

I was able to learn how to relate a lot of the course content to my job and learn how to be a more effective sales person in my current position. The facilitator was very effective in relating content to my role and enabling me to gain a better understanding. I am more confident in up selling to clients and providing details of what we can offer besides our standard packages.