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Course: COL
Name: Tanya Bognuda

I found Mr Mason absolutely mind-opening at each session, he really gave food for thought and challenge us to think. My biggest learning curve from the coarse seems really petty – but was you as a leader need to train to upskill and not to be threatened if you team can do your tasks, you should be proud your training has challenged them to grow into your position so you can grow into your next position.

Course: COL
Name: Mark Stanaway

My most enjoyable aspects of the course were the workshops and meeting a whole new bunch of good people. The biggest achievement for me this year was the fact that I became a martial arts instructor. Its weird how it works, but I believe from doing martial arts it provided me with the opportunity to advance at work and become a supervisor. This then opened up a door to undertake this course, which has in turn aided myself with becoming a better person which then lead me towards and opportunity with becoming an instructor. Within my Martial Arts, I have been told that there are more people with far more technical experience that me, however I have massive numbers in my hall as opposed to theirs. This in the eyes of my Martial arts Superiors makes me a more successful leader. Its funny cause al I do is show people that I care. Thanks Bill