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Course: TSE
Name: James McCartney

In the beginning I wasn’t too sure what to expect from the ‘Sales Edge’ course but once the first few modules had been completed, I felt a sense of new found confidence in myself and my ability to be a professional salesman. Knowing the business I work for is one thing but learning a structured sales process has equipped me with the essential tools to promote and sell our service to the right target market. I feel that I have become a better communicator and have really developed my presentation skills by being able to believe in the knowledge and message I am conveying to prospects and customers. My ability to plan, prepare and execute has very much been one of the greatest learning outcomes I have obtained from LMA. Goal setting has also played an important role in my own personal achievements due to setting achievable and attainable goals throughout the course duration. I will continue to adopt this method moving forward into my working career.