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Course: COL
Name: Jennifer Catt

I am on a journey of continuous improvement. The course has opened my eyes to many areas of my work and home life that I wish to change. I love how the course has pushed me further than I thought possible. I believe in my potential. I have a lot to offer and am worthy of the position I hold. My LMA course coach has helped me to see this.

Course: TPE
Name: Jennifer Catt

This course was short and intense but produced quick measurable and noticeable results for me. I have achieved goals in the workplace and at home that I didn’t think were possible given my workload and other commitments. I am achieving more in less time and I am much less stressed. It was fantastic to interact with the other participants on a weekly basis and we all helped each other.

Course: TSE
Name: David Eckermann

Having had no previous sales experience, the course quickly gave me the tools needed to improve my skills and then built on them as I progressed. From the very beginning I was able to become more professional and improve my performance.