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Course: LMR
Name: Mark Cockburn

I was able to measure the accuracy of our stock levels which was achieved through regular cycle counts and the delegation of this duty which allowed more focus to be applied in this area. We also had the customer provide inventory report to cross reference what stock we had compared to the stock we were supposed to have.

Course: LMR
Name: Stephen Dovey

the ability to work as a group or individual in front of the class for presentations was enjoyable, without the constant “white noise ” that a work place can do. it allowed me to take stock of the way in which presentation and delivery is important. The LMA course also let me see that across many different workplaces, I`m not the only one whom has a hectic (or use to have) daily work schedule.

Course: MHP
Name: Mark Cockburn

Completion of course

Course: SSTLS
Name: Mark Nelson

The course as a whole was very enjoyable. I learnt a lot from it even though I haven’t been given a leadership role at work currently. It will help greatly in my future endeavours.

Course: TPE
Name: Adam Rowland

I Enjoyed the class atmosphere even though it was only a small class Mic got us slinging idea’s back and fourth and it was great to hear other peoples thoughts from different roles. I had a slow start but with every module I got more involved and took a lot out of this course and was a little shock that I completed it in time in the end. Achieving my win-win agreements was a great feeling because even though they were realistic it wasn’t until I adapted my personal and professional attitude towards this course and work with more positive energy that I achieved all this. And the one goal I took out because I didn’t think it was attainable at the time which was to get the role I have been filling in since my work injury, come graduation time I will be the Project coordinator of my section officially.