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Course: TPE
Name: Abdul Elhage

The course also allowed me to assess my current work habits and areas that I currently struggle with and can make a big difference in achieving my High Payoff Activities. It helped me identify my HPA’s and ensuring I allow enough time on a daily & weekly basis to achieve these. This includes the ability to delegate tasks where the same outcome can be achieved, and capitalising on this simple idea to free up my own time. Trying to follow the principle of ‘do it, delegate it or dump it’…. It also made me realise certain weaknesses that can make a big difference in the behaviour of others. Two key points that I believe will help me to achieve my performance edge and that of other team members: •Unless you schedule and protect it, the time you need for planning will never automatically become available. •Hold positive expectations for the people you work with. When you maintain positive expectations about people and their capabilities, you consistently inspire, affirm and empower them.