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Course: SSTLS
Name: Richard McDonald

Honestly for someone who didn’t want to do this course at the beginning (before I started), I have actually Enjoyed it, it has helped me quite a lot, the tools that this course has given me will come in very handy and Jen has been a great help. I am using most of the tools on a daily basis to clear up the clutter so all in all pretty happy :). I have been successful in a few things, Trained an operator in two new positions, Multi skilled operators are still in the works without calling people in to cover (less money), A new leading Hand for our shift very cool, I got my car fully engineered 100% legal this took 2 years and 4 months well worth the task, The communication on my shift has improved this is very good more people are open. …

Course: SSTLS
Name: Cameron Mead

I found the most valuable part of the course was the HPA’s it is a simple concept but it made me look at what I was doing on a daily basis and evaluate if I need to be doing this or can I have someone else do it.