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Course: SSTLS
Name: Tiny Abraham

I have accomplished so much like in methods for negative feed back and delegation of LPA’s to using a diary/white board for method of measurement and goal setting with accomplishments it is still early for me to fully try to take on all the skills I have learnt on this course due to not being in the position that one would like to be but it is a thing to be. From my goals I have put a daily Tool box meeting in place for my sector so every personnel on site know what production is going to be happening with the potential hazards so everyone is aware, I have also designed a set up for the two divisions to book the machines or wash bay so that everyone can see and to work around each other and to eliminate any niggling. Little things but extremely effective and everyone is happy with the outcome.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Melissa Klemra

I found this course very helpful with some of the tools and skills that were presented in this course like the Imperative/Important list, Feedback forms from my team member I found really good and I have now put this is place on a regular basis which gives me more 1 on 1 time with all personnel within my team, which is good for me and team. Also the “colours” exercise was good, understanding myself better and also putting a colour to each of my team members so I have a better way of communicating on their level so direction is clearer. I accomplished a Win-win goal which was helped pushed through with the delegation process so that was fantastic to have some of my workload transferred which gives me more time to concentrate on my HPA’s. This course has been beneficial for me to strengthen my abilities, skills and knowledge as a supervisor and also built up my self-confidence so it has been great and this is also one of my win-win goals. Tracy has been great to work with and appreciate all her help and support she has given me.