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Course: COL
Name: Ray Fisher

I have built my confidence 10 fold which has help made my job a lot easier to approach & communicate to people of all levels where as before not knowing how to handles different types of situations would have had me shying away, as well as some of the tools that you use during the course give you a better understanding of the people you work with as well as building a better morale with them

Course: COL
Name: Annette Hourigan

I have learnt so much from when I first started this course I have gained a lot of self confidence & trust which I did not have before. Communication has improved from being very nervous or not talking to people to having confidence talking to people in all levels of the business I have been given my own area & team to set up & train. The projected savings from my work place project so far is $92631.36 per year On the mid course review the increased effectiveness & improvements equals $170760 per year. Goals that I achieved to have systems changed so that there is a lot less down time on machinery, to have a team that will not be removed half way through training. There is so much more

Course: COL
Name: Rodney Anderson

fantastic working relationship with mentor, set goals and future for the training group create career opportunity for candidate. improved body language working relationship with other leaders within our business, Lorinda, Annie ,tom and ray all have roles were we can all help each other. created network for other candidates with the other business representatives for future program to work together.

Course: COL
Name: Tom Fitzpatrick

The most value I got from this course was gaining better people skills and listening skill, This gave a better understanding of what other staff members wanted and ideas they that we could implement in their work area.

Course: HPM
Name: Steve Damm

The interactions with others in the workshops was very good it allowed us to bounce our experiences off each other and learn. I learnt about setting and achieving goals and running defined projects and achieving structured outcomes.