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Leadership & Management Courses Brisbane

Leadership Management Australia (LMA) has been operating for over 45 years with the goal of helping people and organisations achieve their full potential. We specialise in taking good people and making them great, via our proven methods and expert-driven leadership courses.

Brisbane organisations have greatly benefited from LMA’s services as we’ve developed leaders and managers who get results.

LMA courses have already enhanced the leadership skills, performance, productivity and sales skills of over 120,000 people from thousands of organisations across Australia.

As a recognised leader of training and development in Australia, the unique LMA process delivers permanent behavioural change, impacting people’s lives both personally and professionally.

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Our Courses


Our courses are run at convenient times and in a number of locations across Brisbane. Instead of being a series of lectures, they instead focus on practical learning that people can take back into the workplace, resulting in lasting change and the development of true leadership through our thoughtfully crafted management courses.

Full Length Courses


The Performance Edge

The Performance Edge
Improving personal and team productivity and bottom line results

Success Strategies For Team Leaders & Supervisors

Success Strategies for Team Leaders and Supervisors
Helping first level leaders transition and developing leadership skills and habits

The Sales Edge

The Sales Edge
Increasing sales and market share.

Short Courses


The Sales Edge

Above The Line Coaching And Mentoring – Short Course
Giving organisations a competitive edge and an effective way to operate within an environment of continuous change.

Our Process


LMA courses are built upon four guiding principles and goals:

  • Measurable results.
  • Measurable return on investment.
  • Permanent, lasting change.
  • Professional and personal development.

Using these goals, LMA is able to develop the potential of good people and make them great, utilising their strengths and skills to the fullest and allowing course graduates to continue being high achievers in their respective organisations.

LMA aims to deliver tangible, measurable results in all of its courses, from time management to leadership training. Brisbane organisations have benefitted time and time again from our proven methods to create powerful lasting change through effective and engaging training.

Find out today how LMA can develop your people’s potential and make changes that truly last. Click through to our course pages to find out more, or head to our contact page to get in touch with LMA today.

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LMA Communication Triangle
LMA Communication Triangle

Government Funding


Certain courses may be eligible for a government subsidy, view our government funding page for more information.