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Leadership & Management Courses Melbourne

For over 45 years, Leadership Management Courses (LMA) has been striving for excellence as we help organisations achieve their potential.

Our bottom line is producing exceptional results through people, which we do via our proven, tried-and-tested leadership courses. Melbourne companies across a wide variety of industries have benefited from LMA’s unique approach, and with a wide variety of courses on offer, we believe we have just the right sort of training to help your organisation achieve exceptional results.

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Our Courses


LWe run management and Leadership courses Melbourne organisations can rely upon, and these are held across a number of convenient locations, at times to suit you and your business needs. The courses themselves are designed to be engaging, practical and focused on developing on the areas most important to you: boosting sales, improving time management, increasing productivity, resolving interpersonal issues or developing true leaders.

Find out today how you can benefit from the professional development courses Melbourne companies know will produce permanent, positive change. Click through to our course pages for more information on any specific course, and don’t hesitate to get in contact with LMA today.

Full Length Courses


leadership courses melbourne

The Performance Edge
Improving personal and team productivity and bottom line results

Success Strategies For Team Leaders & Supervisors

Success Strategies for Team Leaders and Supervisors
Helping first level leaders transition and developing leadership skills and habits

The Sales Edge

The Sales Edge
Increasing sales and market share.

High Performance Management

High Performance Management
Developing strategy and the people to make it happen.

Challenge Of Leadership

Challenge Of Leadership
Building organisational growth through leading high performance teams.

Managing For High Performance

Managing For High Performance
Enable your managers to achieve a significant increase in the performance and productivity of the teams or departments they lead.

Short Courses


The Sales Edge

Above The Line Coaching And Mentoring – Short Course
Giving organisations a competitive edge and an effective way to operate within an environment of continuous change.

Our Process


LMA’s key goals in running courses are tied to four key benefits:

  • Measurable results.
  • Measurable return on investment.
  • Permanent, lasting change.
  • Professional and personal development.

The major advantage to LMA courses is that they last. Employees are able to take the practical lessons they learn back into the workplace, producing permanent, positive change. A few of the key areas we’re able to develop through our courses include:

    Management and Leadership

  • Teamwork and Interpersonal Communication
  • Sales
  • Management of Time and Productivity

How does LMA achieve results? Through our four key goals:

  • Results that can be clearly measured.
  • A tangible return on investment.
  • Permanent changes to work and organisation.
  • Professional development of individuals.

LMA specialises in taking good people, drawing out their potential and turning them into great people. Our proven approach ensures that graduates of our courses retain what they’ve learned, allowing them to transform their work ethic and achieve incredible things with what they’ve learned and how they’ve been able to develop.

LMA Development & Training Graph
LMA Communication Triangle
LMA Communication Triangle

Government Funding


Certain courses may be eligible for a government subsidy, if a person meets certain criteria or has a prior qualification. Please note that these subsidies are subject to caps.

Qualifications for funding include:

  • Cert III Business (SSTLS)
  • Cert IV Leadership and Management
  • Cert III Business to Business Sales (TSE)
  • Diploma Leadership & Management (HPM)

You can view our government funding page for more information and exact funding amounts.