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LMA – TKM Group

Leadership Management Australia – TKM Group was formed in 2007 in Brisbane and provides people with development solutions throughout Queensland.

Owned and managed by Tim and Kristina Marsh, LMA – TKM Group has gone from strength to strength since it was formed and has worked with a diverse selection of companies including; Foot Locker, Boeing Defence, Gladstone Regional Council, Airbus Helicopters, Think Pharmacy, Terry White Chemists and SEQ Water.

Throughout Australia, Leadership Management Australia (LMA) courses have already enhanced the leadership skills, performance, productivity and sales skills of over 130,000 people from thousands of organisations across Australia.

As a recognised leader of training and development in Australia, the unique LMA process delivers permanent behavioural change, impacting people’s lives both personally and professionally.

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    Our Courses

    Our courses are run at convenient times and in a number of locations across Queensland. Instead of being a series of lectures, they instead focus on practical learning that people can take back into the workplace, resulting in lasting change and the development of true leadership through our thoughtfully crafted management courses.

    Full Length Courses

    The Performance Edge

    The Performance Edge
    Improving personal and team productivity and bottom line results

    Success Strategies For Team Leaders & Supervisors

    Success Strategies for Team Leaders and Supervisors
    Helping first level leaders transition and developing leadership skills and habits

    The Sales Edge

    The Sales Edge
    Increasing sales and market share.

    Short Courses

    The Sales Edge

    Above The Line Coaching And Mentoring – Short Course
    Giving organisations a competitive edge and an effective way to operate within an environment of continuous change.

    Our Process

    LMA is all about improving people, bringing out their potential and boosting the performance of entire organisations as a result. Our specific courses work to address common concerns and areas of growth, including:

    • Time Management
    • Sales
    • Productivity
    • Teamwork
    • Management

    At LMA, we don’t train people – we develop them through our unique development process – and there’s a massive difference.

    Leadership Management Australia (LMA – TKM Group) has been at the forefront of people development for over four decades. We’ve had a long history of creating trends, not following them. We do things differently.

    Our methods work. They’ve been tried, tested and proven for 40 years. In fact, more than 87% of clients who use us for the first time will use us again.

    All courses are in Queensland and include an Overview Workshop, Graduation Session and a Refocus Workshop approximately 60 days following Graduation. In-house programming requests will be structured to client requirements.

    LMA Development & Training Graph
    LMA Communication Triangle
    LMA Communication Triangle

    Contact Details

    LMA TKM group has been operating since 2007 in Queensland and has worked with 1000’s of people from small to medium enterprises, corporates such as Foot Locker, Airbus Helicopters and Kitchen Connection and government agencies such as Department of Housing, Stadiums Qld and SEQ Water and not for profit agencies. The success of LMA TKM’s work has been generated through the relationships and trust between the LMA team and our clients – we care about results and returning on expectations.

    Tim Marsh
    Leadership Management Australia – TKM Group
    M: 0431 424 769 E: Contact Us

    Leadership Management Australia – TKM Group is an authorised Licensee of Leadership Management Australia Pty Ltd RTO #3908