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Financial Incentives Opportunity

1 – Payroll Tax Exemption Benefit

Most of the LMA programs are eligible for traineeship, and LMA are making available the full nominal training duration’s, ranging from 12 to 24 months. During this time the payroll tax exemption benefit means you are literally doubling the value of using LMA i.e. the primary benefit of improved skills, habits and tangible goal outcomes is accompanied by a positive cash benefit to your business.

You can work out the benefit of the payroll tax exemption by applying 5.5% to your participant’s annual salary and apportioning over the trainee-ship nominal term. Any employee with Citizenship or Permanent Residency status is eligible.*

Below are a number of examples of how this exciting new announcement could impact your business. Ring us to identify your specific situation.

LMA Course Course Fee Example Salary Over Nominal Term Value of Payroll Tax Exemption Cash Benefit to Employer
High Performance Management
$8,300 (GST exempt) $110,000 $12,100 $4,000
Challenge of Leadership
$5,950 (GST exempt) $95,000 $7,837 $1,887
Success Strategies for Team Leaders & Supervisors
$3,250 $80,000 $4,400 $1,505

Contact Todd McSweeney on (08) 9368 5575, 0401 295 046 or tmcsweeney@lma.biz for further information to take advantage of these current opportunities.

*Australian Apprenticeship Centres are responsible for determining eligibility

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