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Reshaping your attitude to productivity

leadership and management

Many of the actions we take are as a result of our attitude. Increasing productivity may require reshaping some of the attitudes that now dictate how you use your time.

Consider the following practices that will dramatically increase productivity and see how attitudes are involved:

  • Concentrate on high priority activitiesMake certain you spend your time on work that really matters; otherwise hours may be spent solving problems that can be easily solved by others. Empower your team members to solve their own problems.
  • Exercise self-disciplineEstablish your priorities and then refuse to let distractions, interruptions or happenings of the moment distract your concentration. Discipline yourself to give tasks only the amount of time and effort they deserve from you, or delegate them to other appropriate team members.
  • Be persistentProductive people set definite goals, plan carefully, and concentrate their attention on the action required to meet each goal.
  • Get started!Two reasons account for failure to accomplish tasks – people either never start or they never finish. Begin on required work and continue without “feeling like it”- getting started is often the most difficult part.
  • Strive for results – not perfectionProductive people distinguish between what is important and what is not; they recognise that some tasks are simply not important enough to lavish too much time or effort on them. Even on genuinely significant projects, truly productive people simply strive for results – not perfection.