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Showing leadership through COVID-19


A message from Grant Sexton, Founder and Chairman of Leadership Management Australia (LMA)

For 48 years LMA has been a leader in delivering training and development solutions in the areas of leadership, management and performance improvement. It’s now time for us to lead the way in light of the unforeseen challenges created by COVID-19.

The safety and well-being of all LMA Facilitators, Participants, Manager-Mentors and our client’s broader organisations is uppermost in our minds at all times, so we are diligently following all recommended health department protocols to the best of our individual and collective abilities.

We are also proactively putting initiatives in place to ensure we provide ongoing value to our Participants and Clients. To provide continuity, and enable LMA programs to continue with minimal interruption, we are providing additional options to our Participants nationally including the following.

  • Attendance in-person at venues with increased and stronger hygiene and cleaning protocols
  • Attendance via technology at the scheduled workshop dates and times via Zoom
  • Recording of sessions for playback at a later time should attendance in person or via technology, not be possible

Further planning is underway for delivery of programs at various stages including the following.

  • Programs that are well underway or approaching their conclusion and Graduation
  • Programs that have commenced and are in their early/mid stages
  • New programs commencing in the next few months

The plans for each program will depend in part on the Participants themselves and their organisation’s policies regarding attendance either on-site (for In-house programs) or off-site (Open programs at LMA-designated venues). Options include those outlined above and may, only where absolutely necessary, include deferment or postponement of workshops.

Your LMA contact – facilitator, client support or licensee – will be reviewing planned arrangements for each cohort/program and communicating regularly to keep everyone informed in this highly fluid environment.

LMA is also investing in upskilling its facilitation team in the immediate future to ensure delivery via technology provides a worthy alternative to In-person delivery during this challenging time. We are very much focussed on equipping our Participants with the tools, techniques, knowledge and experiences that they can just as easily apply in their workplaces, as they would via In-person delivery.

As experienced practitioners in the leadership and learning space, we are committed to continuing to deliver value and benefits to all.

Grant Sexton
Leadership Management Australia