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Stay and grow?

Since the L.E.A.D. Survey began, there has been a clear preference for employees to stay with their current employers, rather than move elsewhere for professional development and career advancement.

Reaching a peak of 87% in 2009, the percentage of employees who would prefer to stay where they are in order to develop has stayed consistently high. The 2013 Survey shows a similarly high level of desire  – 83% of employees would prefer to advance their careers with their current organisation.

However, the 25% gap between the 83% who would like to develop with their current organisation and the 58% who believe this is possible is significant. Closing this gap, through the creation of opportunities is essential to retain quality staff and avoid costly turnover.

From LMA’s L.E.A.D. survey book “Today’s workplace – Present realities…Future realities”, 2013

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