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The power of written goals

The power of written goals | LMA

Research has shown that individuals with written goals achieved approximately 50% more of their goals than those without written goals1.

A written goals program ensures that you identify achievements that will ultimately prove most meaningful to you to clarify and crystallise your thinking.

Developing a written plan for achieving your goals provides a number of significant benefits:

  • Written goals save time – write down your goals to keep you on course, to minimise interruptions and to focus your attention.
  • Written goals help measure progress – motivation is greatest when there are objective goals by which you can measure and monitor accomplishments.
  • Written goals produce motivation – written goals remind you of your mission and objectives.
  • Written goals reduce conflict – they help you identify conflicts between various priorities as they become obvious when your plans are written out.
  • Written goals form a basis for action – written goals are the foundation of success, but action is the springboard to actual success and increased productivity.
  • Written goals stimulate visualisation – with your plans written out, you can visualise future results more easily and clearly.

1 A study conducted by Gail Matthews, Ph.D., at the Dominican University