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LMA – Gill

“Leadership Management Australasia has helped over 120,000 people improve their professional and personal lives. I am continuing my passion for professional and personal development through a License with LMA.”

Leadership Management Australasia – Gill was formed in September 2015 in Auckland by Steve Gill with a view to empower power to achieve improved business and personal results. With a strong background in sales force development, Steve has been fortunate to have the opportunity to contribute towards the success of a number of companies and be involved with the development of strong teams. Steve’s 30 plus years of experience in the food manufacturing and restaurant industries has been driven by a desire to dedicate himself to creating exceptional results through people.

“The notion that people are important to an organisation is something that most people grasp, whether they are managers, leaders or workers on the floor. Unfortunately for many, that’s where the conversation ends as far as how companies both large and small deal with and behave as far as people are concerned. The people element rarely gets any board room time and certainly is seldom strategic.”

Throughout Australia and New Zealand, Leadership Management Australasia’s (LMA) courses have already enhanced the leadership, management, performance, productivity and sales skills of over 120,000 people from thousands of organisations.

At LMA, we don’t train people – we allow people the opportunity to be developed through our unique development process. It is this distinction that sets LMA apart and ensures that the end result is a permanent and positive change in attitudes and behaviours.

“For over 40 years LMA has been leading the charge to change people’s habits and attitudes and allow low-term and measurable improvement to positively impact organisations. I want to help people to craft more sustainable and competitive advantages that assist individuals, teams and families. LMA – Gill is determined to achieve this goal in 2016 and beyond,” says Steve Gill.

LMA – Gill is dedicated and equipped to deliver results for individuals, teams and organisations.

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