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LMA – Hickingbotham

“LMA is different as we assist individuals in making permanent transformational change in their business and personal lives.”

Leadership Management Australia – Hickingbotham was formed in 1984 and has been delivering leadership, management, productivity, performance and sales training courses throughout Victoria across a wide range of industry sectors, with key long term clients including Cotton On, Boral , Fulton Hogan, Citipower / Powercor, Gallay Medical and Scientific, Mono Pumps, Ridley Agri Products, Montague Fresh, Red Energy, SPX Flow Technology and Rheem

Throughout Australia and New Zealand, Leadership Management Australasia’s (LMA) courses have already enhanced the leadership skills, performance, productivity and sales skills of over 120,000 people from thousands of organisations across Australia and New Zealand.

At LMA, we don’t train people – we develop them through our unique development process – and there’s a massive difference.

As a recognised leader of training and development in Australasia, the unique LMA process delivers permanent behavioural change, impacting people’s lives both personally and professionally.

LMA – Hickingbotham has grown to comprise a small team of dedicated and accomplished people development professionals; as a team they have coached over 1050 course participants and facilitated LMA courses for over 900 participants.

The team at LMA – Hickingbotham were instrumental in the people development at the Cotton On Group, in working with the senior management of the Cotton On Group they redefined their business approach to grow from a national company to an international one operating in 16 countries. Many of the Cotton On managers adopted the key LMA principles of developing at a personal level, then to team development and then to strategic business growth. By focussing on the correct “above the line” attitudes, goal setting and leading others the business has grown to be a world leading retail group.

Gary Hickingbotham – Licensee, Course Coach and Facilitator – Gary is able to inspire people to develop new positive attitudes, enhance on the job performance and develop essential leadership and management capabilities for leading businesses and teams in a rapidly changing business environment.

Karen Williams- Facilitator and Course Coach- a strong ability to relate to individuals, understand their needs and a willingness to journey with them as they grow and develop. An excellent communicator with the ability to engage and have participants fully embrace personal responsibility for their own learning and development.

Mark Breyley – Facilitator and Course Coach – very competent in facilitating and coaching people at all levels of an organisation. Very insightful with the unique competency of taking varied and complex issues and defining a way forward for participants. A very good listener with the ability to “ask the right question at the right time”

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