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Grant Sexton, Executive Chairman

Grant-Sexton-Exec-Chariman-of-LMAGrant Sexton always had a strong interest in personal development. In the 1960s he undertook a course associated with the Leadership Management International Group (LMIG), became a professional speaker and began delivering training sessions.

It was at that time he realised something that led to his life’s work.

“It became clear to me that a typical one hour training session really had no ongoing or lasting impact on people. So I decided to set up a learning process that I could use with participants and get changes that actually stuck,” Grant says.

He launched a new business in 1972, importing programs on personal development and sales training from LMIG. Some were sold as self-help programs, some were sold as workshops, and some were a combination of both.

“If we sold the programs and the workshops separately we got reasonably good results. But when we sold the two together, the results were five times stronger,” he says.

Grant developed a process which used resource material, workshops and one on one coaching, and his process evolved into a system which was adopted by LMIG internationally. It now forms the basis of Leadership Management Australia’s unique development process which delivers:

  • Permanent behavioural change of participants
  • Measurable results against pre-determined goals and objectives
  • Identifiable ROI per participant

LMA began developing its own products for Australia and New Zealand in 2005, focusing on areas where it delivers exceptional results: leadership, management, sales, communication and personal development.

“We really do change people’s lives,” Grant says. “I still feel the little hairs on the back of my neck when I go to a graduation and bump into previous participants who say ‘if it wasn’t for you guys, my success would never have happened’.”

Such participants have included young entrepreneurs who are now amongst Australia’s wealthiest business people and sports stars who have undertaken LMA’s personal development courses and gone on to win world championships or dominate Australian sport.

Grant Sexton stepped down as CEO of LMA in April 2011, becoming Executive Chairman, and appointed Andrew Henderson to lead LMA’s continued growth and success. “This has been an excellent succession for our organisation, and I’m pleased to now have the time to work on projects I’ve long wanted to tackle”, says Grant.