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Empowerment |Recognising the full potential that all team members have to contribute towards achievement of the common goals|Capitalise on the opportunities that effective empowerment provides for developing individuals within the team|Benefits of Empowerment |Increased productivity, decreased wasted time (un-billable ) and higher volume |Improved levels of teamwork, improved morale and improved performance all the way to the technicians|Key to success is to become goal directed – Setting Meaningful goals|Save time, reduce conflict, produce motivation|Wheel of life – Improve all 6 areas of the total person concept – Family & Home, Mental & Health, Spiritual & Ethical, Social & Cultural, Financial & Career |Visualisation – seeing is believing|Improve communication skills|Raise the morale, increase energy levels, ignite enthusiasm within the team |Faster achievement of my goals|Rewarding relationships with others|MAP – Merging, adapting & performing|Freedom to disagree|Giving responsibility to my team (trusting)|4 x progressive levels of delegation – Wait until told, Seek approval then act, act and report immediately & act and report routinely |Focus on results not the method used |Planned feedback to re-enforce or modify behaviour