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Creating a thriving organisation doesn’t happen overnight. Even so, short and sharp learning experiences are invaluable for rapidly introducing your people to a new area of focus or topping up existing knowledge.Leadership Management Australia’s Thrive More program delivers meaningful results in a compact package of shorter sessions.Thrive More is a range of impactive solutions and toolkits that equip teams for ongoing development. Although less comprehensive than our standard programs, this range of short business courses embeds the key elements that make LMA a leader in professional development: facilitators and staff that care, industry-leading thinking and a proven methodology for challenging people and creating exceptional results.

What We Do For You

The key difference with Thrive More products is their contained, readily digestible format that gives rise to rapid upskilling, making them the perfect start or accompaniment to a larger program of professional development.

Short courses can be run in-house or as an open workshop, and are supported by a number of online solutions.



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From upgrading your customer service culture to honing mentoring skills for better business management, short courses with LMA can stimulate rapid improvements in your organisation’s performance.

Browse our short course overviews below, or contact our team to discuss your goals and how we can help you meet them.


Exceptional Customer Service
Excellence in customer service is integral to an organisation’s strategy and planning – it is not just about the standards, systems, products and services an organisation has to offer, it’s also about the attitudes, knowledge and skills of the people who work within the business.

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Above The Line Coaching And Mentoring
Effective coaching and mentoring promotes creativity, performance and resilience, giving organisations a competitive edge and an effective way to operate within an environment of continuous change.
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Effective Team Development – Short Course
The Effective Team Development course is an intensive team development course for the whole team, including their managers. You’ll find your team outperforms even the best individual team member, achieving outcomes from this course that are far beyond those of conventional team building or team planning days.
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Successfully Managing Remote Teams
This growing trend has been accelerated dramatically by the once in a century phenomenon of the COVID-19 pandemic and the incredible impact that it has had on workforces across the globe. Teams that had always worked together at the office were suddenly separated, with employees told to work from home. Teams that had some remote workers or a blended schedule of working from both the office and home were suddenly isolated in lockdown scenarios with no face-to-face contact for weeks and months on end.
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Workplace Leadership Essentials
The Workplace Leadership Essentials course consists of five workshops of three hours duration, delivered fortnightly and covers three essential competencies (which form part of the BSB40520 – Certificate IV in Leadership and Management qualification).
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