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Refund Policy

General Refund Conditions

Should LMA cancel or postpone any course, Participants are able to re-enrol into the next available course as a refund in this instance does not apply.

Where the client, in consultation with LMA, pays a deposit of 10 -50% and the potential Participant(s) cannot attend, the client will replace the Participant(s) with another, or re-enrol the original applicant(s) into a future course, as a refund in this instance also does not apply. There is no refund available for any LMA courses once the Overview date of the course has passed.

Where a funded Participant withdraws from training, a partial refund will be provided if required under the relevant government funding contract.

Special Refund conditions for new Clients enrolling Participants into The Performance Edge Course (Only)

On the following terms and conditions the enrolment fees for new Clients will be refunded in full, if at the conclusion of the Mid-Term Review Meeting, they are not satisfied with the results received:

  • The Client enrols a minimum of two (2) and a maximum of four (4) Participants into  The Performance Edge course
  • The enrolment fees are paid prior to commencement of the course
  • The Participants and their Manager/Mentor attend the Overview Meeting on the actual course commencement date
  • The Participants actively take part in the workshops and complete the activities and Feedback Online requirements
  • The Manager/Mentor supports the Participants as requested through the use of the Feedback Online system and meets with Participants after each module to review the content, relevance and application to their work environment.