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Challenge of Leadership

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Challenge of Leadership

Once basic management skills are mastered, it’s time to step up to an entirely new leadership level. The Challenge of Leadership course (BSB40520 Certificate IV in Leadership & Management) develops the highly effective leadership abilities required for continuous improvement, project management, change management, innovation and building high performance teams.

Nationally Recognised TrainingLeaders within organisations often receive less training than other staff but are expected to stand out and deliver. It is essential that your leaders are trained how to make the a real difference to performance. The Challenge of Leadership Course will teach the theory and instil the practical skills to turn your key people into great leaders that will be even more valuable to your business.

This leadership training course is practical and the results are measurable. Not only will your people improve their leadership, management and empowerment skills – their higher performance will also lead to an increase in productivity that you can track and measure.

Do you or your team and department managers need to:

  • Take on a new leadership challenge?
  • Implement and drive continuous improvement and innovation?
  • Enhance project planning and management skills?
  • Plan and implement change management?
  • Improve team cohesiveness, performance and productivity?
  • Manage and measure team performance, appraisals and KPIs?
  • Understand what really motivates team members?

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Upon successful completion of assessment activities Participants will receive BSB40520 Certificate IV in Leadership & Management.

Expected course duration: 34 weeks to Graduation. Refocus Session at 42 weeks
BSB40520 Status on National Register: Current

Course booking:
The above dates are provisional and will be confirmed prior to course Number of attendees: Read Terms and Conditions
Benefits from this course
  • Achieve improved leadership, management and empowerment skills
  • Markedly increase participants’ value to your organisation
  • Deliver change, innovation and continuous improvement projects
  • Develop, manage and train high performance teams
  • Become a transformational leader
  • Complete a 6 – 8 month project that improves productivity,
  • Achieve Certificate IV in Leadership & Management (BSB40520) upon successful completion of all assessment activities
Course Documents
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