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Course: COL
Name: Richard Muhl

I found all of the modules to be very relevant and helpful in my role within the company. Understanding the High Payoff Activities was particularly beneficial as it provided clarity regarding the tasks that I should dedicate my time to the other modules including delegation and creating high performance teams helped me to deal with the rest.

Course: LMR
Name: Shaughan Dunne

Most enjoyable part of the course was interacting with the other participants.

Course: LMR
Name: Tom Beaumont

The best was delegating and being able to create time needed for me for focus on bigger picture needs of the business. I also liked the break out groups, like leadership styles. When then group were divided it sparked interesting discussions and real life experiences. I became more confident in my role doing this course. The short term and focus goals helped me prove to myself I was able. Later in the course I was able to shift my perspective on my role as well. Although there is more pressure on me now, I am more relaxed and performing better. My role has both operational and strategic responsibilities. The course mostly helped with me with operational goals. As this is a new role more strategic goals will come.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Robert Cooper

Most Enjoyable – the three hours out of work, away from the throng of activity to be able to focus on my reason for working. Measurable Results – Accomplishing more during my work day and at home. Goals Accomplished – a few were commenced and will be completed eventually, but the pace of work did not seem to allow the time to apply to the goals.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Caleb Heinselman

I enjoyed the personality aspect of it, understanding specific personalities and how to manage/communicate with them. Through the duration of the course I continued to receive more and more feedback about my productivity, communication, listing and delegation skills. I deemed this a way of measuring what I was taking on and how I was implementing what I was learning through the course. I fulfilled developing a new way in which the Vic service dept. receive and order parts from our head office in WA. This took some time and some proving the facts but in the end it was met with an agreement and understanding. The new procedure is working flawlessly. I have asked to have a recycling dumpster implemented in our shop area to deal with the excessive amount of cardboard and old pallets that would pile up, which would inventively end up in the rubbish bin. this was accepted and we now are able to recycle all of our waist card board and wood. I have started the process of establishing all equipment to be delivered directly to our work shop in West Melbourne instead of being kept in a warehouse in Cheltenham and then transferred up when we need them. By doing this it will eliminate triple handling of equipment, miss placements, less potential for damage, Allows delivery driver to stay on task delivering coffee. I am now implementing and running my own Dpt. Team meetings. I recognize my HPAs and protect them, which in turn has allowed me to be more productive with my time and allowed my team to step up and take over certain projects or tasks. I’ve learned to say NO.

Course: TPE
Name: Ash Brian

Speaking to Todd in the first session is where I got my most important lesson. It was from that moment that I realised an important and imperative list was essential for me. It meant I didn’t have to keep my lists in my head and freed my mind for more creative thinking. I implemented the next day and have never looked back.

Course: TPE
Name: Bronwin Nottle

Module Three was great – I liked the practicality of the tools they gave us. Some good things to take home and use. I also enjoyed the communication and relationships module 4. That was really interesting.

Course: TPE
Name: Benjamin Thompson

The most enjoyable part of the course was working as a team with people I have never meet before, and sharing experiences with a group of diverse people

Course: TSE
Name: Marc Chandler

Overall, my goal was to improve my personal sales skills along with my ability to improve my team’s sales skills – and I achieved both… My dept. now has more structure, a better understanding for Sales Psychology and improved conversion rates.