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Course: HPM
Name: Glenn Thornton

Difficult to put into words but I’ll try. I said to my MD, to whom I report directly, that I would like to do this course as I believed there was something missing from my skills as a manager but wasn’t sure what it was. He said that he would support me fully but believed that I didn’t require any further schooling or training as I was very competent. I quickly learned that I did need the HPM course and it has completely changed me from module 1 to 16. The differing modules, ‘Maximising Your Performance’, ‘Maximising Organisational Performance’, and so on. A complete overhaul of the way I manage my time, day, people, interactions with important clients. I loved the learning environment with the other participants and their individual level of skills and their working environment. The best would be our facilitator, Adrian. Fully committed, fully involved. The interactions that he brings to the course would by far be the best I’ve seen and I’ve done a lot of schooling. Adrian’s’ enthusiasm and extremely positive attitude shines and allows all participants to shine also. Absolutely the reason I turn up lesson after lesson. When we walked in from 1pm until 5pm, we were fully engaged.

Course: TSE
Name: John Cloran

Goals accomplished were increase of product knowledge through self training and requesting the company to provide formalised training. A goal achieved was an increase in buying customers. Another goal achieved was the formularisation of an ongoing strategy to increase call rates which will increase sales. This goal will continue until the end of the year. The key customer development plan greatly improved the relationship with this customer. The most enjoyable and productive subjects were the goal setting techniques modules which really helped to get things done. Defining levels of customer relationships, analysing the existing customer relationships and adjusting them accordingly helped to better utilise time spent with customers. Time management modules enabled me to accomplish more with my day.

Course: TSE
Name: Hao Yang

Discussions during workshop Learn from other participants I grew business by 22% in 2012 Opened 22 new buying accounts by October 2012 I have done house improvements and allocated more spare time to spend with family, improved work life balance.

Course: TSE
Name: Richard Middleton

Prior to the course the idea of GOAL setting was not practised by myself … now to strive in all aspects of life , I shall be more goal driven … It was great to interact with others on the course , as there was a wealth of knowledge and experience to listen and learn from …. Last but not least, Suzanne was fantastic