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Course: HPM
Name: Nick Ridgway

Organisation skills as I work by my self and spend a lot more time in the car. Being much more organised prior to each business meeting with my customers. Setting of Win-Win goals and the process of getting to the end result HPA activities where every days activities can improve the result you are looking for much easier and quicker

Course: HPM
Name: Jon Neville

I believe I grew as a Manager and the course helped me to focus on goals and gave me the tools to advance through the course. My win/win, change project and personal goals were all met and new ones are being developed. Fantastic course. Looking forward to what comes next.

Course: HPM
Name: Warren Hein

The interaction with others, The course is focused on day to day work activities , the setting up of goals, HPAs, what your time is worth etc. is all focused around real life work activities so that you can apply what you learn from LMA to work

Course: HPM
Name: Michael Partridge

There is a lot that I got out of the LMA process. The Change project was definitely challenging doing it the LMA way, normally it is my way or the highway so to get buy in and commitment from staff was the most rewarding aspect. Releasing the retail program for Kubota CE will be easier now that I understand the process better