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Course: COL
Name: Jo Mooney

I have learned how to manage a long term team member who was in my current role, to become a valuable co-ordinator within the Team. This has been a huge learning curve for me. I have also learned to delegate more, therefore able to manage my time a lot better than I was at the beginning of the year. I have done this through the Time Analysis Worksheet. I have also trained my co-ordinator to use this tool, therefore allowing me to see on a daily basis where her allocated time is being used. This has been measured by reports being completed on time, and a shift in the team culture. I have also learned to engage more with my Manager/mentor as I have always been an independent Manager. This is still a work in progress…(The learning never stops) That is something I have also taken away from this course, is that the learning never stops.

Course: COL
Name: Beata Bogdanski

I absolutely loved and valued our group discussions. It’s been great hearing that others experience similar problems and have different ideas on how to handle them. I have been able to successfully set goals and be able to achieve them. Previously the goals that have been set were being over looked. I love the tools that we have come across along the way during the course. Especially the HPA’s summary, this has allowed me to focus on what is important and refocus my time on what I should be doing.

Course: COL
Name: Cheryl Jones

* Learning more about myself * Increase in my confidence in myself and dealing with others * Learning new ideas and expanding on the ideas I already had. * Tools to use * Importance of Communication and Feedback

Course: SSTLS
Name: Sonya McKelvie

most enjoyable aspect of the course was meeting new people and learning how to use my new skills to be a better supervisor .hpa’s, kpi’s ,,setting goals, to do list, action steps ,delegating, l have accomplish all my gaols that l had in place and look forward to finishing my new goal both business and personal

Course: SSTLS
Name: Sophie Francois

The LMA course has helped me believe in myself as a supervisor and with the knowledge I take with me after completing this course I can only continue to grow. I have over come some obstacles while on this course one of which was a staff member with nothing but a negative attitude and argued with me every day. with the courses help it made me a stronger person and now that problem does not exist any more. I now follow a to do list every day and I find setting win win goals keeps me focused on getting the end results. so I thank you Mike and LMA