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6 tips for effective communication

6 tips for effective communication | LMA

Effective communication helps us better understand a person or situation and enables us to resolve differences.

Effective communication builds trust and respect, and creates environments where creative ideas and problem solving  can flourish.

Here are LMA’s 6 tips for effective communication:

1. Be conscious that your emotions will show through.

2. Vary your voice, tone and pitch.

3. If you want people to accept your ideas share them with enthusiasm.

4. Be aware of your gestures and the positive or the negative impact that they may have on the listener.

5. Remember the old saying “look them in the eye”.

6. Study the gestures of others and listen to their tone to further improve your understanding of the non-verbal aspect of communication.

Download the 6 tips for effective communication poster, share it on social media or print and keep it as a reminder.