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ANCA VIC HPM Paul Bocchi

In general, I found this course very beneficial with respect to what is important to acheive success as a manager & leader and life in general. ||The workshops were instrumental in reinforcing the course content and in this regard I must say that Adrian was outstanding. I have attended many courses and seminars and I would rate Adrian as one of the best facilitators I have encountered. His positivity and ability to keep the workshops interesting, constructive, and engaging, was excellent.||It appears that our organization has assumed that this course is best suited to new managers. However I believe that the course content would greatly benefit senior management equally and also help the entire management team have the same approach to leadership.||The course has helped me focus on the tasks that are important and allow my organization to get the best value from my time. The importance of goal setting and positive expectancy in myself and others has resulted in tangible benefits.||As a result of this course I have managed to secure a resource to delegate tasks to so that I can focus more on the more important strategic tasks that I am best suited for. This, along with regular goal setting, has seen my efforts in strategic planning increase dramatically.

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