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AUSTRAL PRECAST (QLD) QLD TSE Jesus Andres Rad Chuecos

I am very lucky that I got the chance to participate in The Sales Edge course. I find that the unique method of using Space Repetition through reading and listening in preparation for each Module is quite convenient. Similarly, the opportunity to having shared the course with participants from different other companies and industries does provide a perfect environment to assimilate concepts or tools that in case they are not fully applicable to your particular industry or organisation you can still grasp its meaning and value. At the same token I believe this experience enriches the learning process by seeing how same principles are applied by different industries / organisations as all participants are encouraged to share its views. In addition, the experience and quality shown by the course coach and facilitators to conduct and clarify the content of the course are second to none. I specially commend Coreen Auld for directing each workshop with professionalism, creativity, immediate engagement, contagious enthusiasm, and charm.

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