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I would have to say this course was the most positive training I have undertaken since being promoted to my role. Its DEFINATLY not a sit down and be lectured at for hours style but a friendly engaging format that really helps you understand the concepts discussed.||Every group session I under took I learnt something.||The structure of this course is intense and full on but saying that if you are prepared to strap in and give 100% to this course and get engaged it can offer you some amazing benefits both personally and for your work role.|I have made great in roads towards a structured day and also getting to best from my staff. |It has been great to interact with the same group of people each week and we have all helped each other along the way. |I feel a lot more in control of my day since completing the LMA course. I have now got a structure for my day. From simple things like which door I come into work through… sounds silly but from coming into work through a non staff area I don’t get hassled before I get to my desk with trivial things. This follows onto when I check my emails I don’t look at these until I am happy with my imperative/important list which sets up my day for what I need to do and who I need to lean on for assisting me to get tasks done. I feel I am more connected with my role and feel I am achieving tasks now by setting focus goals regularly. |I think the most successful aspect of this course for me is my Manager has the confidence that I have stepped up in to my role and have a real handle on what needs to happen.

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