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Most enjoyable|Working with other participants from various backgrounds makes the horror stories and general workplace goings-on so much more interesting! It’s great to have a wide variety of people from different fields of work to bring such diversity of knowledge and experience to the group. ||Achievements|- I’ve dug myself out of the interruption trap and actively ignore emails and phone calls (unless I know it’s important) when working on something important. |- I don’t get caught up in the general “noise” of the workplace and let it burn so much of my valuable time so that I’m not working on my own tasks. |- I am using the above/below the line view point when talking about anything and reviewing what others are saying. |- My team morale is slowly improving as I have been able to get rid of some tasks they do that really don’t mean anything and are not used by anyone and help them better manage their time during the day. ||Goals accomplished|- Reduce the impact of interruptions. |- Improve team morale.|- I can now differentiate between real important work and the general noise flying around the office.|- I have a greater understanding of my team members’ strengths and weaknesses and delegate work to them accordingly to both the strongest person for the task and also the weakest to give them a chance to learn. |- By better managing my work and time I am leaving the office after a fair 8 ish hour work day more often than not and starting to rebuild my life outside of work. ||Overall gut feeling personal assessment|I am absolutely impressed at the results of the course. A lot of the content sounds really simple and logical when you really think about, but the difference it makes is amazing. For example the time management theories – every single task we are given or that somehow crops up is super critical and must be done yesterday, but with some simple management of our time and the tasks we can prioritise them to work out what is actually imperative compared to just important. The difference in accomplishing the right goals during each day adds up to better work output and working relationships. ||Brilliant!

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