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ECOLEASE NSW TPE Marian Taggart-Holland

The LMA course completely exceeded my expectations and went way beyond a simple time management and goal setting course that I had anticipated. I found the actual process and content very clever and jam packed with solid, relevant and well researched material that could be immediately applied both professionally and personally.||At the time I registered, my business was in transition and I had found I had become very reactionary and inefficient in my work habits. ||The course got me really questioning and re-assessing deep seated beliefs, enabling me to change certain work habits that were no longer serving me. The Win- Win agreement, developing my list of High Pay Off activities and putting a dollar figure on my hourly work rate, all gave me clarity, not only for longer term goals, planning and strategy, but also on re-focusing my daily activities. ||One of my goals was to run a weekly team meeting with my staff. Although I ran meetings, they were not regular, nor really effective. We now run the meeting weekly and I have handed over the running of the meeting to the staff. This has taken the pressure off me, I am able to sit back and listen more to my staff and they have taken on much more accountability and ownership. The spin off from the meetings alone has been the catalyst for a number of really useful and valuable ideas that have impacted my business turnover and bottom line.||I can confidently say that the course has added 10% onto my annual income this year and has set me up to achieve my longer term goal of reaching one million turnover in the next couple of years.|Not only that, I am feeling much more confident and I have a much stronger belief in my ability and skill in running a successful small business.

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