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As with most courses the most enjoyable aspect was the friends and networking that you establish along the way. One of the things that stands out from all other leadership courses I’ve attended is through the DIAS report, not only identified my strengths but also the areas that I was less effective in and so one of my goals was to improve my communications – Setting clear communications with team members. – Setting expectations and making the team more accountable. As a result the team have a better understanding of what direction I have laid down and decision made outside of these guidelines they will be held accountable for. This is an important step in setting the right culture for the team to build on.||Another goal was to improve office efficiencies – Inventory Spread sheets, Resource schedule, Recoveries & Discrepancy registers. As a result I now have a more accurate and efficient system to manage & maintain both inventory and resources.||Another goal was to target critical training to maintain key operational requirements. As a result|Resources are better trained to meet operational requirements. More flexibility in assigning resources to meet current demand for specialist off road task and delivery of oversize loads.

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