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I really enjoyed all aspects of the course as it was very hands on / practical and encouraged lateral thinking to achieve success. One of two practical activities that were of great benefit included “Scattered Numbers” where I learned that a person can achieve significantly better results when they are provided all the required information from the start. In the workplace, I use this technique of teaching all aspects of the task when delegating new tasks to team members to ensure they understand how to perform the task and how it achieves the team’s goals. The second activity of benefit was completing a jigsaw puzzle in a team with constraints on time and communication – this demonstrated how important communication is in the workplace to achieving team goals on time and accurately.||Identifying my high payoff activities and using the Time Analysis Worksheets throughout the course have enabled me to improve my time management skills and organisation at work. Using these tools has enabled me also to identify activities that I can delegate to my team members and the training I will need to provide to them to perform the activities. In conjunction with this, using the Imperative / Important / Other task lists tool (part of my win-win agreement goals) has enabled me to focus on important activities and deliver them on time.||Setting fortnightly focus goals has enabled me to break down larger goals into smaller, more easily achievable focus goals. Some of my achievements include becoming much more active physically and enjoying more social outings with friends. Business focus goals have also been a useful tool when breaking down larger projects (part of my win-win agreement goals) into more manageable tasks (for example, breaking down the end of financial year process into smaller tasks, like producing financial statements, producing PAYG payment summaries, changing payroll tax and superannuation parameters).||Using the tips throughout the course notes in the LMA program has enabled me to deliver more effective feedback to my team members and assist in solving their problems.

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