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During the first week of this class, I was overwhelmed by how much work we were required to do.|I really enjoyed this class, and I thought the amount of materials was just right once gotten over the initial shock. I would recommend this class, It provides you with tools that enable you to be objective, thoughtful, and a careful in your daily business activities. It requires you to think through the situations, see beyond the obvious. ||Goals and any outcomes are results of the learning process, they are personnel and professional|what is to be learned (knowledge, skill, attitude),|what level of learning is to be achieved (criteria, standard), and|under what conditions the learning is to be demonstrated (environment, support, etc.).||new skills/competencies|My accomplishments include assessing current and future staffing needs, and managing,new skills/competencies I can hopefully with continued focus build and lead successful, goal-oriented teams of professional staff . Upon identifying key issues, just because Ive have done things a certain way in the past, does not mean it is ideal. I endeavor to solve problems while embracing change and its positive effect on successful organizations. Fostering commitment, team spirit, pride, trust, and group identity are particular strengths.

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