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J & H PALLETS SA COL Charles Kelbie

before i started the LMA course i didn’t know what i was doing in the Leading Hand role that i had at J&H Pallets. I lack so many skills that were needed. i was totally blind to what a good leader was and how i could ever strive to become one. ||In doing the LMA course i have become more opened minded in that even the mistakes i was making was bettering me for the next task and or challenge. ||I feel that the best part that i have taken from the course is that the communication between my team and myself have improved 100%. i am able to tell the team whats needs to be done and how i would like it done and it’s getting to them clear. ||in during the time i have spent in the LMA course i have not been able to lead better as a Leading Hand, it’s given me the tools to take charge of the Manager’s job at J&H when the old manager left. i know that would have been possible without the tools that i have been taught throughout this course. ||Setting the Win-Win goals using the SMART method enabled me not only to see the steps to complete my goals but also to rely the information to others and i was able to track the whole process better.

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