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I have learnt the importance of planning. It became obvious to me i was trying to do too many different things at the same time, I have learnt to pick a couple of things that will provide the high pay offs and learnt to restrain my enthusiasm and park and hold ideas for a later date, .When i started this course and picked a project to engage my supervisors more into the department, what i wanted was for them to get involved in the figures i was measured by and get them as interested and driven by these figures as much as i was, this seemed the perfect way to get them involved.Iwas wrong, what i thought would get their engagement wasnt necessarily what would work for them, although by having some of the reports sent to them that i recieve it is encouraging thatwhen i ask the guys what they think of the numbers sent the previuos night they can readily answer and are able to qoute the figure and discuss, they dont seem to have the same interest as me but thats fine. i changed tact about 3 weeks into the course and decided that a project for each of the guys was the way to go. I managed to use the tools that this course was giving me not only to set and plan projects but also learn with my supervisors, the projects are proving to be a great sucess for the department and the organisation and are growing and leading towards a bigger project that i have started planning for the early part of next year. I know this project will increase revenue and the two projects we are currently working on are key to the sucess of this one. I also on a personal level set myself more goals and as a result of this course i actually did a 14,000ft sky dive, i know i would never have done this in the days before i set myself goals…that was a bit of a major life event and a direct result of coming on these courses

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