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I enjoyed all aspects of the course, although towards the end – probably the last 2 modules – I was not as organised and up-to-date as I would have liked to be, and found it a little difficult to keep on top of the assignments – this was not the fault of the course or facilitator, just my own ‘letting go’ over the Christmas break, and not regaining momentum quickly enough.||I actually accomplished a surprising proportion of my goals along the way – while a couple still need work, I can see the benefit to ‘mapping’ out where I’m heading, via focus goals. I tend to be very ‘big picture’ and full of grandiose plans (which don’t always turn out very well) – this course has helped me see the road to success is paved with achievable focus goals.||I have been using a diary daily, and writing down what needs to be done that day – as long as I’m prioritising and working through the most important jobs first, I feel okay about having a few items that need to wait until tomorrow. Having my priorities written down helps me to refocus after interruptions.||I am getting better at allocating time for my HPAs – sometimes not quite as much time as I would like, but I’m getting there.

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