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I really liked the high payoff activity component to this course, it enabled me to identify them along with my manager/mentor. This kept me really focused what i should be doing, i often find myself at times thinking “This Is Not A HPA”. I will print and laminate my team and I HPA’s and stick it above our benches. My results speak for themselves i have increase my HPA % focus from 40% to 80%. I have found that i am much more efficient leader of not only myself but my team and organisation. I also liked the course content tools like Feedback Log, Training and Development Plan, N.E.A.T Meeting Planner, Skills Audit, Motivation Plan, Problem Solver & Decision Maker, I have used all of this content to great effect, it has shown me by being consistent, sticking to a structure when handling situation makes managing and leading enjoyable and rewarding. I have saved all this content so i can continue to use and grow as a leader. I was able to achieve all my win win goals which was really pleasing and also focus on some personal goals too, i’m a lot more goal driven because of this course.

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