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The attendance and participation in the the workshop sessions has been thoroughly enjoyable to me and the information from the discussion on the topics under review have been insightful. The information and perspective from both Bill Mason (external) and the group (Internal – diverse levels of management) has provided some addition views and interpretations or the material, some of which I had not perceived. This has alerted me to the fact that my own vision or perspective with regard a particular matter may not be the correct one and that consultation with others can provide a greater insight into a similar issue. My own dealings on a day to day basis have been changed some what as a result of participating in the course. My own perception of a manager has been one in which you must have all the answers to any particular issue and if you are approached – fix it! This is not the case it would seem, and with the interaction of the team as a whole, a problem or gap can be resolved much more efficiently using the team as a group. I have and will be using this method of problem solving in the future and can change my own dealings to gain a much greater analysis of issue adopting this procedure and the tools provided. I believe through the course I have become much more perceptive to the concept of the team and the interaction of the group to resolve issues is a far better option and have put this into practice on a number of occasion to achieve production results more efficiently.

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