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The classroom interaction from all participants from all different departments and with Bill’s communication and facilitating skills made the course enjoyable and most rewarding. |Through my Win Win goals i have been able to achieve, i believe, through the data, a reduction in web breaks, in turn reducing company costs |I have enjoyed the fortnightly personal and business achievement goals for i have done a lot of work around the house as well as also realizing that i need to have some me time.|With my business goals, i and my team have benefited from the several goals that have been achieved |My personal goal is still ongoing and we are enjoying all the benefits that come from the garden.|We also now have 9 chickens that supply fresh produce and great manure for the garden.|My workplace project will always be ongoing but i have highlighted the importance of registration and how this plays an important part of the printing process, for this will aid quality and consistency. |Through the course i have learnt that goal setting is so important in the achievement of a home and work balance. I thank the course for highlighting this requirement.

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