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When I was approached by my mentor and discussed how the organisation wanted me to attend this course and handed me the information, I thought to myself, ‘Why do I need to do this course. I know it all’. I communicate well (I thought). I am turning 50, so what am I going to get out of it; and, I HAVE NO TIME!!!!.|Starting the course I was nervous, thinking I haven’t studied for 30 years, but starting the workshops I enjoyed and have bettered myself as a leader throughout the course. My measurable results are having clearer communication with my T.M. and having a clearer and respectful work relationship. Involving T.M. on brainstorming, discussions through team meetings, their performance has increased dramatically increasing productivity. Delegating my LPAs to team mentors has also given them ownership and understanding of procedures, documenting on the tools supplied (i.e. feedback log, motivation plans, position description, etc.) has enabled me to keep on track my T.M. performance, which I have never used.|1) Some of my goals achieved is creating a workflow chart for efficiency for the departments, which has been implemented.|2) Introducing a paper slip, creating also efficiency and tracking of stock.|3) Training and development plan with T.M. on new equipment purchased.|4) Training and development plans on training in the print department.|5) Floor plan on movement of equipment.|My achievements are I have grown as a leader not only for the organisation but at home and my personal life.

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