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I have worked as a process worker in a pharmaceutical company for 19 years. In that time, I worked a process line, manual labour, drove a fork lift, was a machine operator and a team leader. So coming in to do this course was very new to me.. I had worked part time in a bottle shop, but was never in charge of decision making. Just sold BEER! |Sitting in class with the successful business ladies, learning how to become an even better success in sales, was an amazing experience for me. Rod made it very easy to comprehend and was very patient with me also. It has given me a new found respect for the lady who raised me as her own, Lorraine – my manager/mentor. |I can now identify and deal with obstacles and objections, Complete sales and able to ask for referrals, Delegate and deal with more important jobs. Have learnt to be a sales lady and representative for RED LIPSTIK CREATIONS or any other business I decide to take on. I have learnt to set myself goals and work out action plans of how to achieve these goals, even in my personal life.

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