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Before I started the course I was on nightshift and already in the process of training some of the staff that were given to me. For me coming from the floor and working with the guys has been a bit od a difficult challenge. But I think that LMA has certainly given me some extremely useful tools. My confidence in this role is growing. Some of the goals that have been achieved are:|We don’t run out of grain and other necessary materials like we use to. I wanted to address this, because it was affecting staff moral, in doing that, we have been able to address both issues, through liaising with our production manager and the other team leader.|I also wanted to address the moral on plant especially towards management, the workers thought they were a joke, and that they didn’t really care about the workers. We have been able to address that as well, in saying that though I believe it is necessary to monitor these and maintain them through good communication.|I have also been able to achieve some BIG goals at home. Today I painted the last section of the roof on our new house.|Without LMA and Jackie’s tutoring and encouragement I don’t think I would have achieved anything like I have at work. Now I am looking for more challenges and more win win goals to tackle, I haven’t finished by a LONG shot.

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